Our Solutions

pfbSOLUTIONS partners with innovative information technology networking companies to provide a broad scale of services. Our platinum services offer customized, comprehensive solutions within the IT technology space.


Security Technologies

Security continues to be a top priority for all organizations and businesses as threats grow and change, leaving us to continually evolve our defenses. We support agile, flexible and integrated security technologies that protect your information, prevent data leaks and proactively block cyber threats.

Data Center Structure

Data centers, servers and storage technologies should never become an issue to your business. With data centers constantly evolving, it’s important to stay on top of these complex machines. We’ll help you develop a long-term plan to set you up for success and keep your data accessible and protected as your business evolves.

IT Management

Managing an organization can be complicated, especially when it comes to IT management and support. We know your organization depends on critical IT systems every day to keep your business functioning. We can help ensure that your technology runs smoothly and securely, which allows you to worry less and be more productive.

Network Infrastructure

Networking has grown increasingly complex with constantly advancing hardware, software and applications. We help you scale for tomorrow’s infrastructures while finding the best investment for your networking needs. Finding the right choice for your data centers and network structures is critical to ensuring your data stays accessible and protected.

Cloud Computing

Reliance on Internet and Cloud-based services is on the rise, particularly for critical services and application deliver. We’ll assist you with the development of cloud strategy that will best leverage your existing technologies and discover which cloud infrastructure solutions meet your organization’s unique needs.

Unified Communications

Staying connected is vital to the flow of communication. Employees, clients, vendors and partners all rely on constant communications to keep your organization up and running. From mobile devices to video conferencing to IP communications, we help you keep every aspect of your business updated and connected.



VMWareAPCHewlett Packard platinumCiscoArubamerakiFortinet

These services are available through our partnership with leading IT systems integrators, who offer a full range of technology solutions around the following core competencies: Security Technologies, Network Infrastructure, Data Center/Server/Storage solutions, Cloud Services, Unified Communications, Internet of Things (IoT).

We’re excited to work with pfbSOLUTIONS because it's so much more than just an IT company.

pfbSOLUTIONS not only provides great IT service through its partnerships with other well-known companies, it also helps out a great organization and gives back to a community I feel strongly about.

– Neil Messick, IT Director – Messick’s